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Jim smiles happily: he really enjoys teaching stand-up comedy!
About Us
Jim Richardson's journey through Stand-Up Comedy

Humorist & radio show host Horace J. Digby's introduction:
"Jim Richardson's background spans nearly four decades in keynote speaking, theater, public speaking, Stand-Up Comedy Workshops,
plus: coaching speakers and performers.

"Jim holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon University's renowned Drama Department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bachelors Degree in English and Minor in Television & Film Direction, plus a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, San Francisco State University.
He was awarded “The NDEA Fellowship in Playwriting” at C-MU, and has conducted Ph.D. Studies and Research at both C-MU and Harvard Universities.
Horace J. Digby's podcast.
Horace J. Digby, "Horace J. Digby Report" podcast
"Jim Richardson not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.
He has given hundreds of speeches, classes, seminars and consulting sessions.

"Jim has created over 1,200 pages of workbooks and 21 hours of recorded audio for his "Home Study Program" that summarizes his live Workshops.

"He has written over 200 stage, film and stand-up comedy reviews for the San Francisco Sunday Datebook Examiner-Chronicle and other publications, produced comedy shows at hundreds of professional comedy venues, and created the first college-level, for-credit Stand-Sp Comedy course in America.

"His private clients include competition winning stand-up comedians, Emmy award winning television personalities, actors, and leaders in fields such as religion, law, politics and business.

"From 1981 through 1983, Jim had the invaluable experience of conducting weekend 'Comedy Marathon Contests' for beginning comedians.
Jim organized and led a total of 48 of these four-hour-long contests, one every six weeks.

"Each Comedy Marathon consisted of:
A main 'Five-Minute Monologue Contest' allowing judges to spread points evenly
between five Writing and five Performance categories, another first in the USA.
All previous contests had, then as now, favored performing over writing by as much as seven out of eight categories.
Comedy Marathon contestants could now be rated for their intelligence and taste!

"Plus, to further develop his student's skill set, all the Comedy Marathons featured four “Mini-Contests,” three to five minutes each, on a specific topic: Improvisation, Impressions, Topical Monologue, etc., with different topics rotating each month. No comedy event, either before or since, even remotely resembles these Comedy Marathons as a viable training ground for emerging stand-up comics.

"To be one of the six judges at each Comedy Marathon, all judges had to earn a living as a professional writer and/or performer.
Jim invited top radio, television and print media professionals from San Francisco and California's North Coast.

"To prepare them for all five contests, Jim's students were required to create 18 minutes of new, original material every six weeks.

"Comedians came from a wide area to compete, but when the dust cleared,
Jim Richardson's students won 47 out of 48 competitions,
giving convincing proof that Jim's academic approach to developing comics
was faster, better, more efficient, and ultimately more successful
for the comics and the audience,
than the traditional
open mic system.

. . . More info. on Comedy Marathon Contests

"There was something special about Jim Richardson's coaching,
and as word spread, professional comedians began hiring Jim as their coach.

"Jim Richardson's coaching, consultations and prepared teaching materials
go a long way to train you in professional arts:
how to create the needed variety of techniques for both writing and performing unique material.

"Jim Richardson's web site is loaded with tips, tutorials, techniques,
and tricks of the trade not only for comedians,
but for any public speaker who needs to give presentations that extra count.

"I've been a professional presenter for years,
and the six hours I've spent with Jim Richardson's web site (so far)
has been one of the most valuable learning experiences of my career."
— HORACE J. DIGBY, Writer, Filmmaker and Broadcast Host
Winner of "The Robert Benchley Society Award For Humor."

Here's what just a few of Jim's professional students and clients have to say:
Ross Shafer hosts "Match Game" TV show.
Ross Shafer, hosting TV's "Match Game"

“Jim, I've got to hand it to you: it really works.
It took a little bit of courage,
but like you predicted
and as if by magic
. . . hysteria . . .

What a feeling!
I was able to hold one laugh for 25 seconds.
Thank you.”
— ROSS SHAFER, comedian

Emmy-Award-Winning Entertainer
and business keynote speaker

Television Host of:
“The Match Game”
Fox TV's “The Late Show”
King TV's "Almost Live"
ABC's "Day's End"
ABC's "Love Me, Love Me Not"

Winner: 1983 Seattle International Comedy Competition

As a keynote speaker, he has also produced 14 Human Resource training films on Customer Service, Motivation, Leadership, and Peer Pressure.

Video: short history of how Jim Richardson's "Improvisation: thinking on your feet" training

Lead to Ross Shafer winning the Seattle Comedy Competition
Which in turn lead to his getting local radio and TV shows,
And soon hosting many national network TV shows.

Update: July 17, 2012 Ross Shafer was inducted into "CPAE National Speakers Association Hall of Fame."
This is NSA's highest honor, the Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE), bestowed upon an elite group of professionals that includes Ronald Reagan, Art Linkletter, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Zig Ziglar.

Ronn Lucas with 3 of his puppets.
Ronn Lucas with three little friends on TV,"The Ronn Lucas Show"

One happy Texan who still says:

“Jim is this computer of a teacher:
he doesn't give a damn about your content,
as long as you get your laughs.

"Jim, I couldn't have won both the 1981 San Francisco & National Comedy Competitions,
broadcast on Showtime cable TV,
without you!”

— RONN LUCAS, Ventriloquist

Starred in his own TV variety series with these 3 little friends on "The Ronn Lucas Show"

Many times on “The Tonight Show: Starring Johnny Carson”

Ronn has appeared in Maxim Magazine.

Plus, Ronn Lucas performed before several United States Presidents.

Additional TV credits:
"The Late Show with David Letterman"
"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
"L.A. Law"
"America’s Funniest Home Videos"
"Who’s In Charge Here?"
on the Disney Channel
FX Network’s hit show "Nip/Tuck"
NBC’s "1 vs. 100" game show
American Airlines’ in-flight program “Eye on American”

Ronn is the first ventriloquist to have his own, long-running show in Las Vegas.

“The World’s Best Ventriloquist”
— The New York Times and The London Times

“Entertainer of the Year”
— Gold Cabaret Awards

“Ventriloquist of the Year”
— American Society of Ventriloquists.
Del Van Dyke, a proven winner!
Del Van Dyke won many Comedy Competitions, appeared multiple times on national TV, including "Showtime Comedy Club Network"

“Jim wants you to think only of being a Headliner.
His beginner, intermediate and advanced Stand-Up Comedy Workshops,
plus his "Comedy Marathon Contests,"
all worked for me: 
•I went on to win other comedy contests,
•and had many appearances on national television.
I'm now a regular comedy headliner!”

— DEL VAN DYKE, Comedian

TV credits:
“It's Showtime at the Apollo”
“MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour”
“Showtime Comedy Club Network”

Black Entertainment Television's “Comedy Hour” & “Comic's View”
ABC's “George Schlatter's Comedy Club”
A&E's “Good Time Cafe”

Winner of:
1986 Great Northern California Comedy Competition
1987 Spokane Comedy Competition
1992 Alameda Comedy Competition.

Jim holds hands to form a box.
Jim Richardson, using his hands to illustrate a comedy technique
Jim Richardson says:

I now offer in-person—
  • One-on-One: coaching and co-writing consultations
  • Stand-Up Comedy Workshops for beginning, intermediate and advanced professionals.

Actually, there are no amateur stand-up comics.
Either you are funny, and get paid to perform,
. . . or not!


To be notified of when Jim's next in-person, Four-Lesson, 3-day weekend
“Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy”
Workshop will be offered
so you can get Jim's training in world-class writing and performance skills,
sign up for Jim's
E-Mailing List.

To learn the exact same “Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy” Lessons during the Summer of 2012
from the comfort of your own home or office, through Internet video conferencing
at 50% off Jim's in-person fees,
go here to register today.
Then, you can receive Jim's famous 352-page Workbook well in advance of Lesson One.

Who should attend?
For stand-up comics, business keynote speakers, politicians, ventriloquists and other solo acts.

Jim has been working professionally:

* in the theater since 1967 (more than 45 years!)

* Jim began working with stand-up comics in 1977 through his company ORGANIZED COMEDY
and 1980-1983, taught the FIRST Stand-Up Comedy course for credit through a college or university in the USA
at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, one hour north of San Francisco.

* In 1988, Jim began working with professional speakers who were already good and, as one put it, "made us great!"

* By 1996, even politicians began contacting Jim to help out with their presentation and interview skills during that year's election

Jim's objective:
To guide you to become successful at the national level.

Most comics and speakers come into performance almost by accident,
with no high-end formal training in writing and performing.
I fill in your gaps.
To accelerate your career development.

This is necessary as other comedy schools are offered by comics untrained in teaching.
Thus, they lack a coherent progressive program that can monitor your growth from any point in your career

Who does Jim expect to show up for his Stand-Up Comedy Workshops?
1) Some folks who attend will have never even performed at a local open mic.
2) Others may have been PROFESSIONAL COMICS for 10-20 years,
and want to brush up on their basics
to advance stalled careers.

Successful Clients:
My students and clients have won most of the major Stand-Up Comedy Competitions in the country,
including the grand prize on Ed McMahon's 1991 "Star Search" TV show:

These excellent comics have gone on to write for, co-produce & host national TV shows
and WON many, many TV Emmys.

For private group study, both in-person and via Internet video conferencing:
Stand-Up Comedy Workshops

For individual study:
*One-on-One comedy coaching and co-writing.
**Home Study Program.
All can now be taught on a schedule customized to your needs through Internet video conferencing.

*Coaching & Co-Writing your Act or Speech:
I work with most of my clients long-distance, from all over the world.
You send me your video and scripts.
Then, we consult over the telephone.
And/or via Internet video conferencing, which has many advantages over the phone:
as one of my clients put it,
“Jim, it's like you are right here in my living room!”


** Home Study Program:
21 hours of audio, plus 1,200 pages of workbooks and related handouts.

For more information on my Workshops,
plus my Home Study Program packages
and Coaching & Co-Writing consulting services,
please contact me:

Both professional comics and business keynote speakers continue to blame Jim
for guiding them through turning points in their career.
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