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Jim twists around to emphasize a point.
Coaching & Co-Writing
Jim Richardson's one-on-one Consulting
Your investment? $50 and up

Who can benefit?
Stand-up comedians:
would-be comics, open micers, emcees, middle acts, headliners.

Variety acts:
ventriloquists, singers, musicians, jugglers, magicians, etc.

Keynote speakers and business trainers:
All platform speakers—
humorous, serious topics, motivational, etc.

Other professionals who want to become even more effective:
CEOs, sales people, management,
actors, writers, club owners, TV producers, filmmakers,
attorneys, politicians,
ministers, health professionals, educators, etc.
Video tip: "Why get Jim's notes after you perform & before you go to sleep?"

One-on-One Sessions, Private Groups:
I offer personal coaching and private workshops for smaller groups,
tailored to meet your performance needs.

Please contact me to get information and fees for the following areas:

Four ways to market your act:
Make the audience like you a lot so that they can identify with you
How to evaluate agents and managers
No-nonsense plans of action for becoming a national celebrity
Crystallizing your act for national TV

Writing jokes:
Organizing your jokes into bits
Writing one-vocabulary and two-vocabulary premise routines
Make bits heckle-proof

Stage Movements that sell the joke

Your vocal signature

Thinking on your feet
The act to defend your act
Ten ways to improvise

You and your character:
How to create and sell your character in the right market

Selling your act during interviews:
The act to sell your act —
Newspaper, radio, web and TV

Jim Richardson's
Coaching and Co-Writing
Your Stand-Up Comedy Act
Business Keynote Speech

If you've never hired a consultant,
you may wish to begin with my most frequently asked question,
"Why do I need coaching?"
Then, return to this page.

For information on my coaching winners of major Comedy Competitions:
"Life as a Comedy Coach."

Consulting with the coach--procedures:

Consultation is available in person; through sending me your audio or video, CDs, DVDs, scripts, etc.; we can also communicate via telephone, email, web video conferencing, letter and/or FAX.

I can help you with:


I require 48 hours cancellation notice, or bill you for time reserved.
Commit to a fixed appointment time-frame that both begins and ends at the agreed upon time.

Sending video or audio or scripts of your act/talk:

On the phone or over Internet video conferencing from your home computer, I can give you notes after I review your materials.
Or, bring your materials with you for in-person office appointments.

Appointment fees:

Consulting fee: $200/hour (all fees are to be pre-paid in United States Dollars).
More than one person attending = an additional $100/hour per additional person; i.e., two people would be $300/hour, etc.
For various discount packages,
please scroll to the bottom
of this web page.

To secure appointment dates, please: Please schedule two weeks in advance, paying at least half the anticipated balance. Balance due by first appointment.
Fees include hours billed for your pre-approved, advanced reviewing of your video or scripts, if any, plus hours worked with you at each appointment.

Media review fees:
To review your audio or video before your appointment:

I hope we will be working together soon.
You will be in good hands!

Coaching Schedules: Overview

First media critiqued takes me longer as I am getting to know you, your stage character, and your ideas. Therefore, even if your first audio and video sent me total under one hour running time, I must still charge you the same as if the total were a full hour long: Additional audio and/or video critiqued:

A Program for Every Budget,
A Budget for Everyone's Program

  1. Best Approach: send five minutes to one hour of you on video, even if you repeat material between performances or interview shows. I will be critiquing your performance consistency as well as the writing. Include any scripts.
    After receipt of your payment, my normal "First audio and video critiqued" coaching schedule:
    • I email or call you to set up a mutually convenient schedule.
    1. I spend three hours reviewing: your videos, scripts, etc., prior to your first appointment. Then, you call me at an agreed upon time for your first phone or Internet video conferencing appointment, or take an in-person appointment.
    2. First appointment, three hours: going over techniques needing immediate improvement and reinforcing where you are already effective.
    3. Second appointment, three hours: working on specific sections of your presentation to move you from seat-of-your-pants decisions to rapid improvement via informed choices
    Total initial coaching package: 9 hours x $200/hour = $1,800

  2. Shotgun: I can shoot-from-the-hip, watching your video and making comments as you listen on the phone or via video conferencing.
    • Advantage: cost-effective
    • Disadvantage: I don't have time to reflect so less valuable re.: marketing you nationally and internationally

  3. Script Marking: mail, FAX or e-mail me scripts typed triple-spaced.
    • I mark and send back to you at $50/page.
    • Cost-effective, this great for catching writing errors before you memorize the material .

  4. Discounts for blocks of coaching/writing hours: paid for in advance (assumes my hours working on both writing and coaching will be completed within 12 months):
    • 50 hours: 10% discount ($9,000)
    • 100 hours: 20% discount ($16,000)
    • 150 or more hours: 33.33% discount--plus, any of these "Deluxe Packages" listed below also include my world famous Home Study Program ($1,000 value):
      • 150 hours ($20,000)
      • 200 hours ($26,666)
      • 300 hours ($40,000)
        • $200/hour for any additional hours

If you have any questions about my fees and what time(s) I will be available for a one-on-one appointment(s) with you,
please email at to set up a mutually convenient time to chat briefly over the phone and/or by Internet video conferencing.
Coaching Order Form

To sign up for Jim's FREE e-mailing list,
Order your copy of Jim's entire "Home Study Program,"
Order Jim's Coaching & Co-Writing services,
And/or have your script(s) edited.
Your investment in Jim's products & services is $50 on up.

Please fill out and submit this form:

This form also provides places to order Jim's other products and services:
Collection of 17 newspaper articles re.: Comedy Roots
Jim can also create professional videos of your stand-up comedy act or business keynote speech

Find links to order forms for these two services on their web pages:
Stand-Up Comedy Workshops
One-on-one Computer and Camera Coaching, a deal at only $50/hour!
•Jim designs and programs video-driven web sites for comics and speakers

New clients, please enter your age:
Under 12 13-17 18-21 22-33 34-45 44-60 61-God Bless You!
As a place to start, all radio buttons have one button pre-selected with the dot, like the dot inside the "22-23" button above. To select a different button, just point the tip of your mouse arrow over the button you want to select and click. The dot will move inside your new selection.

Please check as many boxes as apply to you: Stand-Up Comic Speaker
Doctor Shrink Attorney Politician Minister Business person Jokesmith Sketch writer Sitcom writer Playwright Screenwriter Other
One box pre-checked as a suggestion. To unselect a box, like the check in the Stand-Up Comic box above, just click on that box.

Add other description of your job and goals:

Stand-Up Comics only:
  • This is the level I have already achieved in my comedy career:
  • I have been performing for pay this long:
    never been paid under a month less than 3 months less than 6 months
    under a year 1-3 years Over 4 years
  • Throughout your 5 to 90 minute set, what is your average L.P.M.,
    only counting laughs that regularly get 3 seconds or more of combined laughter and applause:
    What is L.P.M.? 0 .25 .5-.1 1.25-1.5
    1.75-2.25 2.5-3.0 Over 3.5

Your Shipping Address:

Your name: Address City State/Province Postal Code
Work phone number: Work FAX number: Home phone number: Home FAX number
Cellular phone number Pager
e-mail address

Jim, please sign me up for your FREE e-mailing list so I can receive your twice monthly "Coach Says" newsletter which may contain helpful tutorials and/or new:
Video Previews & Tips optimized for video players on both Apple iOS mobile devices and Windows & Mac computers.
Additions to the "Goodies Page"
•Schedule for my Stand-Up Comedy Workshops taught both in-person and live, over the Internet through interactive video conferencing.

Prices for Jim's products and services range from $50 on up:
Home Study Program:
YES, I am ready to buy Jim's entire "Home Study Program" (HSP) product that covers course material for Lessons 1-25 of 35 Lessons, totaling more than:
21 hours of audio cassette tapes and
1,200 pages of printed workbooks and related handouts.
I am checking the boxes that apply to me:
California resident so I must pay State Sales Tax of 9.5% = $95.00
Non-resident so I pay no sales tax
Shipping: $60.00
Sub-total: California resident $1,155.00 Non-resident $1,060.00
I am tempted to jump in feet first, but prefer to just get my feet wet today.
So, I will instead order a few stand-alone audio cassette/workbook packages at $50 and up from Jim's Tip-of-the-Day Video Jukebox web page.
I may get Home Study Program at another time.

17 Newspaper Articles and Interviews:
I understand that Jim's HSP, workshops and consulting services
grew out of a series of newspaper articles he wrote
while judging comedy contests,
later coaching winners of those contests
before creating his own Comedy Marathon Contests in 1981.
So, I would like to
1) read the 16 titles for "Comedy Reviews and Interviews 1977-1979."
(See Comedy Roots, example review/interview, "How to WIN the Next San Francisco Comedy Competition")
2) and a 17th title, "Life as a Comedy Coach" (1981)
(See excerpt in "Coach Says," 2, i, pages 14-18.)
$25 + $5 shipping & handling = $30.00
California resident so must pay State Sales Tax of 9.5% = $2.38 + $30 = $32.38.
I may get these 17 titles at another time.

One-on-One Coaching & Co-Writing services:
YES: I would also like some Coaching and Co-Writing services.
I am sending Jim links and/or DVDs for 5 minutes to one hour of video from my presentations, scripts, etc.
I would like Jim to bill me today:
$1,800.00 for Jim's 9 hour introductory package, to be pre-paid
Discount packages for pre-paid blocks of hours (assumes Jim's hours working on both writing and coaching will be completed within 12 months)--
10% off for 50 hours: $9K
20% off for 100 hours: $16K
33% off for 150 hours: $20K (includes Jim's "Home Study Program," $1,000 value!)

I am tempted to get the discount packages but understand that I can get just get my feet wet here, too:
This, by a shotgun method where Jim can shoot-from-the-hip without preparation,
watching my videos and making comments as I listen on the phone or via video conferencing.
I know that this shotgun option is a less than career-oriented approach.
Today, I am pre-paying for shotgun hours x $200/hour with a $50 minimum/quarter hour = $US
I would prefer another package of coaching hours, and will e-mail specifics to Jim today.
This is interesting. I may get coaching from Jim at another time.

I need some editing, and will send Jim my typed triple-spaced pages
in 12-point Veranda font size (or equivalent sized font)
with left and bottom margins 1 1/2" and top & right margins 1"
at $50/page for Jim to edit and send back to me.
Number of pages at $50/page = $US
Expect pages sent via:
US Mail
An express mail service

Stand-Up Comedy Workshops:
I am interested in taking Jim's Stand-Up Comedy Workshops, Lessons 1-35:
I will check out course descriptions for Lessons 1-4
and if interested, register
for an upcoming section offered:
1) live, over the Internet through interactive webcam video conferencing or
2) live, in-person at various cities.
Please send me information about how I might sponsor Jim's weekend workshop for Lessons 1-4 in my city.

Discounts for pre-paid Workshop Lessons:
Discounts for taking Lessons 1-34: see "Discounts Table for Pre-Paid Products & Services"

Silver package icon.
Silver package includes:
•If I purchase all of Lessons 1-34 in advance, to buy separately: $150 x 34 Lessons = $5,100
•But with this bonus offer, I also get 8 hours of one-on-one Coaching & Co-Writing services with Jim
for an added savings of 8 hours x $200/hour = $1,600!
•Plus, a copy of Home Study program (HSP) is included, saving me up to another $1,000.
My investment for this $6,700! value is only: $5,100,
plus applicable California sales tax (CA residents only) and at-cost shipping + handling for my copy of Jim's HSP.

Best Deal icon.
Best Deal package includes:
•All the savings included in the Silver Package:
all 34 Lessons valued at $5,100!
+ 8 hours of Jim's Coaching & Co-Writing services valued at $1,600!
+ copy of HSP valued when purchased separately at $1,000!
150 hours of Jim's Coaching & Co-Writing services at $200/hour with 33% discount:
$30,000-10,000=$20,000 Savings: $10,000!
Total savings: $11,700
Total greater value: $5,100 (includes HSP) + $1,600 + 10,000 + 20,000 = $36,700 value!
My investment for this $36,700 value: only $25,100,
plus applicable tax California sales tax (CA residents only) and at-cost shipping + handling for my copy of Jim's HSP.
I will hold off from taking Workshops at this time.

Computer & Camcorder Coaching:
I am interested in taking either or both of Jim's Coaching and Co-Writing services & Jim's online Workshops.
But I am computer and digital camera & camcorder phobic.
(Camcorders also record video with audio.)
I may or may not have been able to get professional looking video of my comedy act or speech.
Either way, Jim may help me video myself better.
But I need to know more about computers and/or video cameras, microphones, lighting, etc.
I see that Jim is also a computer and camera coach, and that I can get basic one-on-one computer and camera coaching at just $50/hour.
This, as long as we do not discuss comedy nor my specific act or speech during such sessions,
unless I am OK with reverting to Jim's coaching rate at $200/hour.
I will check out Jim's Computer, Camera and Camcorder Coaching web page where I can find a form to fill out in order to schedule $50/hour appointments.

Professional video services—shooting, editing, dvd creation & duplication:
I need a professional video of my stand-up comedy act and/or business keynote speech.
Jim can shoot a professional video of my act or speech using an HD camcorder and wireless microphone.
As there are several factors to consider, including location travel expenses and Jim potentially adding visual effects for a Hollywood blockbuster look, contact Jim to discuss particulars and get a quote.

Promotional material— business cards, brochures and web site design:
I need a web site designed to sell me as a stand-up comic and/or business keynote speaker.
The design must match between your business card, brochure and web site to create a specific image that sells you as an unique character.
I understand that Jim has success in this area:
helping performers and speakers to earn thousands of dollars
just from their web sites
which Jim has designed and programmed.
Therefore, I will be checking out the Jim Richardson's online video web sites for speakers and comics web page where I can find a form to order my own web site.
Jim's rate is $100/hour for designing and creating my web site with the minimums being $500 for a one page web site without my video and $1,000 for one page with one video clip programmed for both a computer version for Flash Player and an Apple iOS version for iPhone, iPodTouch & iPad.
Any time spent also discussing my act or speech will revert to Jim's coaching rate at $200/hour.
Not to worry:
Jim will always warn you loud-and-clear before starting his Coaching and Co-Writing clock.

Grand total which am paying for above products and services (for products only: include any applicable sales tax and shipping fees): $US

Payment method:
Your check from a bank with a branch in Mill Valley, California 94941, USA
United States Postal Service money order
Western Union
Credit card:

Your billing address
(Postal code must match your credit card):
Your name: Address City State/Province Postal Code
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
Number of my card:

Expiration--month: year:
CVC number (the 3-4 extra Card Security Code numbers on the back of your card):

Animation flashing between the 4 credit cards accepted by ORGANIZED COMEDY: AmericanExpress, Discovery, Visa and Mastercard

Please take one last look at this order form to make sure that you have placed all the orders you want,
then check here to confirm that your order is correct:

Thank you for writing up your order.

To submit this form please:

This program is supported by most major browsers.
But, if you haven't received a confirmation e-mail back from Jim within two days,
then please bug Jim by e-mail at: or
phone me at: 415-877-4424.

To clear form:

You can also print this form, check to make sure that all blanks printed out, and then mail it to Jim at:

Jim Richardson
P. O. Box 992
Mill Valley, CA 94942-0992

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