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Live, in person at your location and/or
Over the Internet through webcam video conferencing:

Registration form: Lessons 5-8
Still have more questions? Ask away!, 415-877-4424

OK: now, to place an order, please enter your information:
Your shipping address:

Your name: Address City State/Province Postal Code
Work phone number: Work FAX number: Home phone number: Home FAX number
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E-mail address

I have read the descriptions for Lessons 5-8.
Plus, I both understand and accept privacy rights as reasons why I may record myself,
but I may not record the instructor's presentation nor video examples nor other attendees.

Sign me up for Workshop Lessons 5-8,
to be finally scheduled at mutually convenient dates and times
to accommodate student/client performance schedules.
Lesson 5) "Delivery: vocal techniques that sell your ideas," no pre-requisites; 3 hours
*Lesson 6) "Topical Monologues: 11 joke formats," pre-requisite: complete Lessons 2 and 4; 3 hours
Lesson 7) "Social Commentary: 7 joke formats," pre-requisite: complete Lessons 2, 4 and 6; 3 hours
Lesson 8) "Making the Audience Like You a Lot," no pre-requisites; 3 hours

*This is how I am satisfying the pre-requisites for Lessons 6,"Topical Monologue: 11 joke formats" (pick one option from these 5 options):
1) I have completed Lessons 2 and 4 by registering and paying my fees (plus tax and shipping) for a past section of Jim Richardson's "Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy" offering Lessons 1-4, and attended both Lessons 2 and 4, taken either:
over the Internet (video conferencing with Jim and other students via my webcam) or
at the live, in-person version.
2) I have already registered in the current or next section of Jim Richardson's "Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy" offering and paid my fees for Lessons 1-4.
I understand that I will be getting the Workbooks for Lessons 1-4, which include both:
Lesson 2 "How to Write a Joke: the 7 basic joke forms"
and Lesson 4: "Editing Your Comedy or Serious Speech into an Act"
which I will read well before "Topical Monologue: 11 joke formats" is offered.
Now, I will need to both submit all Workbook written exercises for Lessons 2 and 4, and pass an additional written exam ahead of time.
Details upon request.
3) I have purchased the full 600-page version of Jim's "Fundamentals of Stand-Up Comedy" audio/workbook package for $350.00 (plus tax and shipping), studied Lessons 2 and 4 thoroughly (read the text and completed all the written exercises), listened to all three audio tapes, then both submitted all Workbook exercises for Lessons 2 and 4, and passed an additional written exam. Details upon request.
4) I have purchased both Jim's "How to Write a Joke: the 7 basic joke forms" and his "Editing Your Comedy or Serious Speech into an Act" audio/workbook packages for a total of $100.00 (plus tax and shipping), studied both these packages thoroughly (read the text and completed all the written exercises, listened to all four audio tapes), then both submitted all Workbook written exercises and passed an additional written exam. Details upon request.
5) Other: please explain by writing in this text box:

Note: Intermediate and Advanced Lessons 5-35 include additional workbooks and various hand-outs.

My investment:
4-Lesson blocks at $600/block: Lessons 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17-20, 26-29.
5-Lesson blocks at $750/block: Lessons 21-25, 30-34.
Plus, applicable tax and shipping costs.
•Lesson 35 is an on-going, Post Graduate Organized Comedy School for professionals only:
International Comedy Seminar to meet monthly for 3 hours, at a flat $300/meeting (no discounts).
Details upon request.

However, you can still act on this bonus offer —
Get an hour free coaching ($200 value) for each paying friend you send to my Lesson 1-4 Workshops who both:
mentions your name when they first register/pay their fees and
takes all Four Lessons.
Details upon request.

I am ready to register for Workshop Lessons 5-8 (chose one option from a-c):
  • a) You are a California resident and taxed on $200 for 180-page Workbook: $17 + USPS Priority Mail postage inside US $10.45 + registration $600 for Total: $627.45
  • b) Non-California resident so no sales tax on the 182-page Workbook but do pay USPS Priority Mail $10.45 to your address inside the USA + registration $600 for Total: $610.45
  • c) At cost shipping to outside USA addresses via USPS International Priority Mail: $16.95 to London, England, etc. Non-California resident so no sales tax on the 182-page Workbook but pay appropriate postage + registration $600 for Total at least: $616.95

Extras for Jim's Home Study Program (HSP):
HSP was described in the 12-page cover letter sent with your Lesson 1-4 Workbooks.
These additional expenses can eventually be credited toward your purchase of Jim's entire HSP's cost of $1,000, plus applicable tax and shipping, as indicated below.
So, you lose nothing by ordering these extras now:
In addition to the above core enrollment costs, I would like to also order the 6 hours of audio cassette tape for Lessons 5-8 at an additional $100 (California residents add $8.50 sales tax = $108.50.)
I now wish to get the rest of the full "Fundamentals" package which includes an added 250-page "Appendix" targeted for professional Comics, Keynote speakers, Politicians, Ventriloquists and other solo acts = a total of:
600 Workbook pages with an annotated bibliography.
And 2 hours and 21 minutes of audio cassette tapes
at an additional $150, plus USPS Priority Mail at-cost shipping $10.45 = $160.45 (California residents add $12.75 sales tax = $173.20).
I wish instead to now get my copy of Jim's entire HSP of 1,200 pages and 21 hours of audio tapes (less my previously ordered HSP materials).
I understand that I already have a 200 credit if I made my previous payment for Lessons 1-4:
Therefore, $1,000-200 credit = $800 + shipping $60 = $860 (California residents pay $68 sales tax = $928.00).
However, I can also get another $200 credit when I enroll and pay my fees for Lessons 5-8:
Therefore, $1,000-400 credit = $600 + $50 shipping = $650 (California residents pay $51 more sales tax = $701.00)
•Plus, I understand that once I have purchased Jim's entire HSP, for every block of 4-5 Lessons I purchase between Jim's Lessons 1-34 I will get a free hour of Jim's coaching and co-writing services.
•Therefore, at $200/hour x 8 blocks of 4-5 Lessons, this represents an additional potential savings of $1,600.00
Again, you can always get these potential 8 additional hours of Jim's consulting services retroactively as soon as you both:
complete purchasing your copy of Jim's entire HSP and
after each purchase of said blocks of 4-5 Lessons earns you another of these potential 8 hours.
So, there is no reason to delay purchasing your copy of Jim's entire HSP:
•In fact, it is a very good idea to have your copy of all Jim's HSP materials on hand during every consultation with Jim in case he wants you to look up specific pages, etc.
An even better deal:
If I purchase all of Lessons 1-34 in advance, I can immediately:
•cash in all 8 hours of consulting with Jim Richardson for that $1,600 value!
•plus, I get my free copy of the remaining materials for Jim's entire HSP for an additional $1,000 value!
Total value: $2,600!
Cost: $5,100 (minus any Lessons fees I have paid to date), plus applicable tax and at-cost shipping for my copy of the remaining materials for Jim's
Such a deal!
Additional Benefit:
I can get a real leg up with Jim Richardson's early help on my specific act.
For more information on Jim's 2-pronged approach to training stand-up comics, business keynote speakers, politicians, ventriloquists and other solo acts, I will read Jim's FAQ page.
•Let's get cracking, full steam ahead today!

Course materials are mailed to you within a week of your completing both this registration form and your fee payment.
Attendees are encouraged to order their materials 2 weeks before Lesson 5 so they can begin reading ahead to start learning now!

I understand that there are no refunds.
But if I miss class Lessons, I may be able to make them up if/when they are repeated, or by other special arrangements.
Details upon request.

Grand total which I am paying for 5-8 Lessons, plus any indicated Extras, including shipping (& sales tax if CA resident): $US

Payment method:
Money order
Credit card

Your billing address
(Postal code must match your credit card):
Your name: Address City State/Province Postal Code
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Number of my card:

Expiration--month: year:
CVC number (the 3-4 extra Card Security Code numbers on the back of your card):

Animation flashing between the 4 credit cards accepted by ORGANIZED COMEDY: AmericanExpress, Discovery, Visa and Mastercard

Please take one last look at this order form to make sure that you have placed all the orders you want,
then check here to confirm that order is correct and that we have a

Thank you for writing up your order.

To submit this form please:

This program is supported by most major web browsers.
But, if you haven't received a confirmation e-mail back from Jim within two days,
then please bug him by e-mail at: or
phone him at: 415-877-4424.

You can also print this form, check to make sure that all blanks printed out, and then mail it to Jim at:

Jim Richardson
P. O. Box 992
Mill Valley, CA 94942-0992
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